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#techtuesday Custom Google Motivation

Google tries hard to make new tabs useful from the outset but there are some Chrome extensions that can make it work even harder. One of these is Momentum.
Upon opening a new tab, instead of the spartan slate of recent sites and Chrome apps you get Momentum, your personal dashboard presenting a Things to Do list, quote of the day, favourite links and, to top it all off, a beautiful landscape.
It won’t single-handedly change your life, and basic features like cloud-syncing for links and lists can’t come soon enough, but if you spend much of your day with your nose in a browser, Momentum might just be the launch-pad you need.

-Christy Aymami


Chemistry Career Videos

These videos from the American Chemical Society, introduce elementary and middle level students to unique careers involving chemistry. In All About Droughts, for example, students meet scientist Collins Balacombe, who works to keep drinking water safe and find new ways to reuse water. And in Transforming Tech Toys, students meet research professor Aydogan Ozcan, who creates mobile chemistry laboratories from cell phones. He’s transformed cell phones into a blood analyzer, a bacteria detector, and a waste tester!

Do Now Ideas…

iPods as clickers

I am currently knee deep in reading literature for my lit review for one of my graduate classes. I took a quick break to get your feedback on something interesting I ran across:

Colleen Ruggieri, and English teacher at Canfield High School, in Canfield, Ohio, makes use of virtual response systems as part of the assignment that the students see when they enter the classroom, what some of us call a “Do NOW” or “Bell Ringer”. She projects a list of the day’s activities on her interactive whiteboard and has students vote on the day’s first exercise by tapping the screen on their iPod touch. She states that she knows what needs to get done during the class, but this option gives students a say in what they’re going to do.

1) How do you feel about this?
2) Would you be willing to try this in your classrooms?
3) Does this make you nervous? If so…why?

Read the original article here 🙂

Demski, Jennifer. “A Quicker Clicker.” THE Journal 37 (Mar. 2010): Issue 3, P17-18. A Quicker Clicker –. The Journal, 01 Mar. 2010. Web. 10 July 2014.

10 shifts for educators to make in the upcoming school year

In a recent blog, Dr. Justin Tarte, gives the following ten shifts that educators need to make in the next year in order to be successful. You can catch the original blog post here: Remember…go follow and support other educators!

1). Stop saying ‘teaching’ and start saying ‘learning.’ This simple diction choice makes a ton of difference when it comes to how we think about student success.

2). Stop viewing technology as ‘one more thing’ you have to do in your classroom. Utilize technology to enhance, broaden, and create opportunities for learning that were never before possible.

3). Stop settling for what has been at the cost of what could be. The world has never before had more opportunity and more possibility to make education both relevant and practical.

4). Stop thinking it’s your school or district’s responsibility to provide professional development learning opportunities. We all expect our kids to be self-autonomous learners who take some ownership of their learning; educators should be no different considering all the avenues and paths that exist.

5). Stop limiting the audience with whom your students can interact and communicate. We live in a globally connected world so there is no excuse for students to be doing work that is just for one teacher’s eyes.

6). Stop trying to teach ‘responsibility and accountability’ by not accepting late work and not allowing redos on assignments and assessments.

7). Stop viewing education as something that is done to students and rather instead, as something that is done with and alongside students.

8). Stop doing what has always been done just because it’s always been done. If it can’t be justified with good cause, then yesterday was a perfect time to stop and start something new.

9). Stop fearing the unknown and use it as an opportunity to learn alongside your students. This not only sends a powerful message to your students, it also allows you to learn and grow as a teacher/student learning team.

10). Stop waiting for someone else to make a difference or make the change. You are the difference… you are the change.

-Dr. Justin Tarte (Twitter: @justintarte)

Section 1: Why Task Rotation?

Section 1: Why Task Rotation?


via Section 1: Why Task Rotation?.

I recently attended a conference session where the presenter was talking about Task Rotation. Curious, I researched the strategy and came across this book on the ASCD website. I think this would be very beneficial for differentiating in the classroom. Similarly, I have scaffolded my lessons similar to this, but never this organized…and we know how much I like things to be organized!

Has anyone tried this strategy? Did it work? Pros? Cons? I would love feedback!

Google Docs and Google Drive Video Tutorial 2013 | AnsonAlex

Ever wanted to use your summer off wisely to get a head start on “new” technology you didn’t have time to learn this past year?

Good News~

It’s never to late to start, and Anson Alexander is a great place! Anson posts YouTube tutorials from technology to social media and everything in between. The following tutorials, seven in all, will take you through getting started with your own Google Drive account. The seven videos are:

  1. Intro to Google Drive
  2. Composing Documents in Google Drive
  3. Sharing Documents and Folders in Google Drive
  4. Document Organization and Management in Google Drive
  5. Advanced Sharing and Permissions in Google Drive
  6. Third Party apps in Google Drive
  7. Additional Google Drive Context

If you find you only need specific tutorials, click on them individually above. My suggestion is to bookmark the following link:

Google Docs and Google Drive Video Tutorial 2013 | AnsonAlex.

Be sure to visit for all your technology tutorials!

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