Take Action Project (TAP)

TAP is a project-based learning (PBL) curriculum that guides students through the process of taking informed and effective action on a science-related issue of their choice. Developed by California middle level educators Sue Boudreau and Karen Snielsen and others, the curriculum emphasizes critical-thinking and workplace skills. Students complete their chosen PBL projects within a traditional school schedule, taking about 20 lessons spread over a semester. Boudreau describes how she implements the curriculum in her classroom, providing a useful model for interested educators to follow, in the blog at http://bit.ly/1ICAozK (click on TAP Curriculum in the list of categories).

“Freebies for Science Teachers”. NSTA Reports. Summer 2015. Volume 27, No. 1. 

If anyone checks this out let me know how they are 🙂



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