As the School Year Comes to a Close…

Summer is just around the corner! This school year ends an eight year stretch of teaching high schools students, and next year brings middle school students! As I pack my classroom, I come across prom pictures, post-it notes from students, pens I borrowed from teachers and never returned (oops!). Memories cannot be trashed. As I pack each box, organized by subject, as with my new adventure, I have no idea what subjects I will be teaching, I look at each item and try and determine it’s usefulness in my future. I have begun the KonMari Method of organizing my home, so as I look at each item, I determine how much joy it brings my life. There are many memories in my current classroom. I cannot keep everything, or that would not leave room for new memories, new adventures. I capture most with pictures, and I realize in true teacher fashion, I just cannot part with all of my books and resources. It is a known fact that as soon as I gift the resource to another teacher, or recycle it, I will need that resource the following year.

I carry home with me over 20 boxes of teacher “stuff”. My husband thinks I am insane (we won’t talk about his boxes of “stuff”), and I know I can’t fit all of this in my new classroom, nor will I need it. This summer will consist of purging the attic of baby stuff, as there is definitely not a need for that anymore, and fill my attic with boxes of the over 10 preps I have taught over these eight years. Some boxes will be useful next year, but many will not.

I will being a new chapter in my career next year, as my Master in Educational Technology Leadership ends, I will be beginning the role of Educational Technology Specialist for part of my day. I will still be in the classroom teaching two classes, but the majority of my day will be helping teachers get the most out of the technology they have, running data reports to determine strengths and weaknesses, and coaching new teachers in whatever needs they may have. It will be a very challenging, yet rewarding position for me, and I look forward to providing you with more updates here, as well, on the journey.


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