After Aereo: Why Dropbox is safe (but your DVR might not be) and networks need to embrace digital data


The Supreme Court’s decision in ABC v. Aereo is, as my colleague Jeff Roberts explained on Thursday morning, bad for consumers. Looking past the questionable rationale behind the case’s holding, the justices — Antonin Scalia included — left multiple doors open for further litigation.

What’s worse is the fact that the case happened at all shows how unwilling networks are to embrace new forms of distribution, even when they could mean access to valuable audience data not otherwise attainable.

Not all cloud storage is created equal

If there’s a silver lining it’s that in ruling against Aereo, the justices in the majority expressly stated this wasn’t a ruling about cloud storage. To some degree, I think they meant it.

It’s hard to see the Supreme Court ever finding generic cloud-storage companies such as Dropbox or Google (with Drive) liable for infringement — a suggestion that some commentators have made since the Aereo decision…

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